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The Overseas Qualifications Unit (OQU) is able to assess qualifications gained overseas for eligible migrants who live in Western Australia and are on permanent or temporary visas.

The OQU is able to assess post-secondary qualifications gained overseas, including:

  • formal technical and vocational qualifications (certificate IV and above); and
  • formal higher education qualifications (bachelor degree and above)
    if they are listed in the AEI-NOOSR Country Education Profiles.

If you have qualifications from a country that is not listed, an AEI-NOOSR assessment may be appropriate for you. AEI-NOOSR assessments are for general purposes only and are not for the purposes of study, migration or entry to a particular occupation of profession. Please visit the AEI-NOOSR website for more information.











The Overseas Qualifications Unit has moved

30 July 2014

The Overseas Qualifications Unit office has moved to Perth City. 

The new contact details are:

Level 2, 166 Murray St

Perth  WA  6000

T: 08 9224 6530

E: oqu@dtwd.wa.gov.au


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