Skilled Migrant Employment Register

Western Australia has recently experienced its lowest unemployment rates since the resource boom and has a widespread need for skilled workers across many sectors and parts of the state. 

The Skilled Migrant Employment Register is a free initiative supporting employers and skilled migrants to connect to build the Western Australian workforce. 

Details of skilled migrants who have indicated they are seeking Western Australian employment opportunities, such as preferred occupation, current location and employment intentions are published on the Skilled Migrant Employment Register. This register is updated on a regular basis.

View the Skilled Migrant Employment Register​​​​. 


Skilled migrants seeking employment in Western Australia

If you are a skilled migrant who would like to connect with the Western Australian workforce, complete the Connect with the Western Australian Workforce registration form. When your completed registration form is received, WA Migration Services will publish your de-identified details on the Skilled Migrant Employment Register. When an employer wishes to connect with you, WA Migration Services will provide the employer your contact details.


Employers seeking to build their workforce

Employers have the opportunity to view the Skilled Migrant Employment Register to identify talent that may align with business needs. When you find a skilled migrant on the register that you are keen to connect with fill out the Connect with a Skilled Migrant registration form with your details. (You will only need to complete the Connect with a Skilled Migrant registration form once. When you submit the form, WA Migration Services will allocate you a unique employer identifier (eg JCE001) that you can quote for all future enquiries).

Contact WA Migration Services via jobconnect@dtwd.wa.gov.au, quoting the unique identifier of the skilled migrant/s you wish to connect with (eg JCM001). When your registration form and enquiry are received, WA Migration Services will provide you with the skilled migrants details so that you can make direct contact.

State Nomination Invitation Rounds
20 January

Western Australia has received an overwhelming amount of applications for the State Nomination Migration Program.

To allow adequate time to process the large volume of applications prior to the end of the program year, invitation rounds f...