Have an occupation on the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list schedule 2

Visit the WA State Nomination - Combined Occupation lists page for more information.


Meet Department of Home Affairs requirements

You must meet the Department of Home Affairs' (Home Affairs) requirements for your intended visa subclass, being:

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information.


Meet English requirements

You must meet the English language requirements shown below in all four components in a single Department of Home Affairs approved English test.

If you have a passport from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America or Ireland, you don't need to sit an English test to be eligible for Western Australian State nomination. 

You need to show proficient English (Table 1) if your occupation is an ANZSCO Major Occupation Group 1 (Managers) or Group 2 (Professionals) occupation. Visit the Australian Bureau of Statistics website for more information on ANZSCO codes.

Otherwise, you will need competent English (table 2). 

Table 1 - Proficient English






TestMinimum score ​ ​ ​
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)7777
Occupational English Test (OET)BBBB
Test of English as a foreign language internet-based test (TOEFL-iBT)242427
Pearson Test of English Academic
(PTE Academic)
Cambridge C1 Advanced 185185185185


Table 2 – Competent English






TestMinimum score ​ ​ ​
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)6666
Occupational English Test (OET)BBBB
Test of English as a foreign language internet-based test (TOEFL-iBT)12132118
Pearson Test of English Academic
(PTE Academic)
Cambridge C1 Advanced 169169169169


Provide a contract of employment

You must have a contract of employment in your nominated (or closely related) occupation for full time employment in WA, for at least 12 months from the date of your application for State nomination. Full time employment is defined as an average of at least 35 hours work per week. You are able to provide two contracts of employment to make up the 35 hours. 

The contract must include:

  • full names of both the employer and the employee;

  • contract start and end date (if permanent, only start date is required). The start date must be within three months of your application;

  • job title and related ANZSCO code;

  • job description;

  • terms and conditions of employment (such as salary, hours of work, leave entitlements and superannuation) which must be no less favourable than those that would apply to an Australian citizen or permanent resident doing equivalent work. If your contract does not describe your terms and conditions of employment, you can provide the Enterprise Agreement or industrial Award for your occupation;

  • location of employment;

  • a statement that work specified in the employment contract must be performed by the employee and not contracted out to a third party;

  • signed and dated by the employer and the employee; and

  • must be drafted by the employer and not by the employee.

You will need to provide a copy of your contract as part of the State nomination application and it must be provided as one document. 

We will also assess whether:

  • an appropriate salary will be paid for the specified occupation, based on market salary rates;

  • the business employing you is genuine and operating in the location specified; and

  • as the employee, you will bear no financial risk and be provided with the relevant tools and equipment to successfully undertake the tasks required.

Employment contracts submitted by an independent contractor or for self-employment do not meet the above requirements and are not suitable to apply for WA State nomination. 

Employment contracts submitted by a sole trader will be considered in the following circumstances only:

  • if the sole trader is not the stated applicant of the State nomination application; and

  • if the employment contract meets all the above requirements.

View the Employment contracts and Independent contractors information
available on the Fair Work Ombudsman or Austrade website


Occupations designated as Regional WA only

Candidates nominating for occupations that are designated 'regional Western Australia only' in the General or Graduate stream must provide evidence of a job offer/contract of employment in a location defined by the Commonwealth as Regional Centres and Other Regional Areas. These include the following areas by postcodes: 6041 to 6044, 6084, 6207, 6213, 6215 to 6537, and 6560 to 6770. Visit the WA State Nomination - combined occupation lists page to see if your occupation is listed as Regional WA only.


Demonstrate sufficient settlement funds

If you live outside of WA, you must have sufficient funds to cover your settlement costs and living costs for at least three months. 

The minimum amount of funds required is:

  • for a single person – $20,000 (AUD);

  • for a couple – $30,000 (AUD); and

  • for every additional dependant – $5,000 (AUD).

You will be asked to show proof of funds through bank statements or asset valuations.


For more information see the criteria for State nomination or for information on the application process see the How to apply for State nomination page.