​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When you arrive in Western Australia it can be useful to get recognition of your overseas qualifications and skills to help you find employment or enrol in further study. Even if you have already had your skills assessed as part of a visa application there may be further steps you will need to complete once you arrive.

There are different pathways to have your skills and qualifications recognised depending on which type of occupation you intend to work in, while in Western Australia. We have gathered information on some of these pathways, some of which may give you an Australian qualification while others may simply assist you if you want to enrol in further study, or show an employer your level of education.

In the future, we hope to provide information on a range of occupations and the pathways available to help you use your overseas qualifications to enter the Western Australian workforce. In the meantime, if we have not provided information about the occupation you intend to work in while in Western Australia please contact us for further assistance.


Recognition for trade and licensed trade occupations

If you intend to work in an eligible trade or licensed trade occupation it may be helpful to have your skills assessed through Trades Recognition Australia. By successfully completing a skills assessment, you will either receive the relevant Australian qualification for non-licensed trades or an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) for a licensed trade. The OTSR will allow you to start the process of applying for an occupational licence, then work under the supervision of a qualified tradesperson. Visit the trades page for more information.


Recognition for non-trade qualifications

If you do not have a trade qualification, you may be eligible for other recognition pathways. One of these pathways is our overseas qualification assessment service, where we assess the educational level of your overseas qualification to determine its comparability with Australian standards. The following types of qualifications may be eligible for an assessment:

  • formal technical and vocational qualifications (certificate IV and above); and

  • formal higher education qualifications (bachelor degree and above).

This is a free service available only to Western Australian residents (temporary, permanent or citizens).

Visit the Overseas Qualifications Unit section of our website to check if you are eligible or to submit an application.

For more information contact Migration Services.